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9 benefits of using a Colombian Girdle

There are multiple benefits of wearing a girdle , here we will tell you what they are so that you dare to use one.

1. Serves as support during exercise

Wearing a belt during a gym routine will support the muscles of the body. You have to make sure you purchased the correct one; This must be comfortable – it must allow you to move freely – and it must be made of a special material to prevent excessive sweating.
It is recommended that the exercise belt be made of light materials that allow perspiration and do not retain moisture.

2. Protection after surgery

Swelling, bruising, and tenderness are some of the factors that need to be taken care of after surgery. For this, there are post-surgical bands that will help you contain the tissues for faster healing and recovery.
Keep in mind that a post-surgical girdle must meet medical standards. They are regularly used by those who have had liposuction or abdominoplasty.

3. Shape your figure when you wear a dress

You are going to go to a party and you decide to put on the dress that you have stored in the closet, and – oh surprise! – you can see a “chubby” on your back. Wearing a girdle can be an immediate solution, since it will help you compress the weak points in your body and will also help you reduce your waist a little.
Today there are various models of girdles that will help you immediately shape your figure. Choose one that provides compression throughout the body and has no seams

4. Wearing a belt improves posture

Thanks to the compression that the girdle exerts on the spine, it will help you correct your posture. It should be a belt with back support to keep it in a straight position . If you use it every day you will see results faster.
Choose a high compression girdle because in addition to helping you correct your posture, it will help you shape your figure.

5. After childbirth

After having a baby, the abdomen continues to be swollen, so wearing a girdle will provide support to gradually return all the organs – and muscles – to their normal position . Let it be very clear that the function of the postpartum girdle is not to stylize the figure.
Some doctors agree that girdles help reduce postpartum pain and give stability to the back.

6. For back pain

When you feel pain in your back or hip, use a back support belt, since with the compression you will feel relief and it will help you keep it in a straight position.
Choose a high compression vest girdle, it is one of the most effective for lower back pain

7. Wearing a girdle shapes the area you want

Nowadays there are different options of shapewear on the market to shape the area you want: Bodysuit (full body), tights (waistbands) , vest, shorts, buttocks, etc. You just have to consider which area of ​​the body you want to shape and purchase the one that best suits your goal.
A Body girdle has multiple benefits, it works as a compressor, for daily and sports use, to enhance the buttocks, to shape the crotches and even for postpartum use

8. They reduce the waist

This is one of the benefits why most women purchase a girdle. The reduction of the waist occurs thanks to the pressure that a girdle exerts on it. And if you use it daily the results are faster.
Using a waist trainer will help you reduce measurements immediately. It will help you control the upper, middle and lower abdomen, as well as the waist and back.

9. Increase your self-esteem

Wearing a girdle will give you the security you need to look good. Shapewear helps you shape your body immediately, they give you support during exercise, they help you stylize the part of the body you want, they help you look good . All these factors benefit your self-esteem.
Dare to wear a girdle to give you the security and self-esteem you need
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