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How to put on a girdle

Although it may seem like a somewhat basic question, there are some principles that should be followed when putting on a girdle. If you are thinking about buying a girdle, it doesn't hurt to read this tutorial to know how to put on a girdle correctly. If you have already bought more than one and use them regularly, these tips can help you verify if you are doing it correctly. In any case, following these basic principles will help you put on the girdle more quickly and without the risk of breaking it.

How to put on a girdle

The first thing you should do before trying to get inside the belt is to identify the front part of the product. Yes, for a complete girdle that goes up to the lower part of the chest it is simple but in the case of panty girdles it is not so simple, right? Always avoid contact with your nails as much as possible. Do not use them at all, and try not to rub the delicate parts of the girdle. Whenever you can, use your fingertips. It is very important to avoid snagging when handling a belt.

How to put on a bodysuit and/or slimming shirt

Each sash is different and therefore, the instructions for placing them are also different. Below you can follow the steps to put on a bodysuit or a slimming shirt. steps-put-on-bodysuit
  • It is placed by inserting the feet into the space designed for this purpose. It's easier to do it standing, not sitting or lying down. Place your legs parallel to the hips.
  • Grab the garment from the middle and pull it up. Raise it to the waist. Do it firmly but without force.
  • If it's a bodysuit, raise it until you can't take it anymore.
  • Now arrange the bodysuit or t-shirt below the chest and make sure the back is smooth and wrinkle-free.
  • Finally, insert your arms and place the straps or sleeves over your shoulders.

How to put on pantyhose

Now we are going to explain to you how to put yourself in panties. Remember to avoid all contact with your nails. steps-putting-on-panty As in the case of bodysuits, this garment is also worn from the bottom up.
  • Put your legs into the holes first and then roll or crumple the garment so you can grab it from the sides.
  • Pull up the panties by unrolling them slowly but firmly.
  • Position your rear well to ensure that your glutes are in the designated area.
  • Finish placing the panty below the bust and if it has some type of closure, use it.

How to put on a full girdle

Now we are going to explain to you how you should put on a complete or full-body girdle. As on previous occasions, try not to touch the garment with your nails. steps-putting-full-girdle
  • The garment is placed from below.
  • Introduce your legs first, better if you are standing.
  • Raise the garment by grabbing the sides to the knee.
  • Make sure the fabric is stretched in the leg area.
  • Everything you don't upload now will cost you to upload later.
  • Now go up from the knees to the waist following the same procedure.
  • Rearrange the garment to avoid wrinkles and raise it to below the bust.
  • Now insert your arms and place the straps or sleeves. over the shoulders.
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